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  • Respect the value of employees, create a fair and equitable working environment. Let employees realize wealth happy life.


    1. Completed the temporary tasks assigned by the general manager and the director

    2. Assisted the department manager appointed by the company to complete daily related work;

    3. Be familiar with the actual operation of the company and participate in the regulation of the whole company's management and system process;

    4. Government project application;

    5. Cooperate with the company in listing related work;

    6. If there is a need for job rotation (except for the r&d and finance departments), I can quickly adapt to the new position and use innovative thinking to improve and make achievements in the new position;

    7. Sales or management orientation.

    Job specification:

    1. Master degree in key universities;

    2. Have work experience or not, and experience in student leaders such as President of the student union or class monitor is preferred;

    3. Meticulous, serious and responsible in work, strong pressure resistance and self-motivated;

    4. Proficient in office software and automation equipment, with basic network knowledge;

    5. Reserve cadres are the new blood of the company, and the company reserves talents for strategic development.

    6. Reserve cadres are trained as the next generation of company leaders and assigned to short-term or long-term work in various departments.

    7. Reserve cadres should be versatile.



    1) participate in the pilot test and pilot test of new products;

    2) optimize the process and propose feasible experimental methods and Suggestions;

    3) summarize and analyze the experimental results and put forward relevant Suggestions;

    4) responsible for raw materials and improving product formula experiments, analyzing and sorting out relevant experimental results, putting forward reasonable Suggestions, and putting forward reasonable Suggestions for new product development and the use of new raw materials;

    5) responsible for daily maintenance and cleaning of equipment used.

    Job specification:

    1. College degree or above, major in polymer, chemistry, materials science, etc.;

    2. At least 1 year of experience in chemical production or technical work, preferably able to operate the extruder. Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered.

    3. Strong communication and analytical skills, and able to bear hardships and stand hard work.

    4. Can adapt to working overtime, and can accept taking six days off.



    1. Coordinate the personnel management and production activities of the production department;

    2. Issue production plans and tasks, arrange and control the production progress;

    3. Tracked the production situation, product demand, production process and output target, and completed the production target on time;

    4. Timely respond to production abnormalities, track problems and make reasonable Suggestions;

    5. Participate in the action plan and implementation of improving production efficiency and product quality;

    6. Monitor and standardize operation methods to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the production site;

    7. Responsible for staff management, training and training.

    Job specification:

    1) bachelor degree, fresh graduates preferred, or 1-3 years of relevant production experience

    2) strong communication, coordination and management skills

    3) be interested in the production process of plastic modification

    4) strong executive force and team spirit

    5) strong sense of responsibility, hard-working, and able to accept shift work

    6) understand the equipment, understand the basic principles of the equipment, and can deal with common problems


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