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    zhonglei science and technology PC/PLA alloy of electroplating grade of radium science and technolog2015-07-13

      Poly (lactic acid) (PLA), as a biodegradable material with crop as raw material, has many environmental advantages and represents the direction of future development of plastics. However, the disadvantages of polylactic acid, such as poor heat resistance, poor mechanical properties, slow crystallization rate, and long processing cycle, limit its application. At present, it can only be applied to the field of plastic bags with low comprehensive performance.

      This project by adding compatibilizer, toughening agent, liquid crystal polymer (LCP) with the base material formulation design, combined with the design and control of extrusion process, introduced in the rheological modification technology in principle, control of the melt extrusion flow, to flow and deformation control, molecular structure and morphology in order to control materials, to control the quality of the product and obtain PC/PLA alloy products with high performance, which can be applied to the field of automobile, electronic and electrical, greatly expand the downstream applications of biodegradable plastics. Radium in science and technology of unremitting efforts, continuous innovation and R & D personnel, by adding liquid crystal polymer (LCP) method to promote the crystallization of polylactic acid (PLA), shorten the molding cycle of materials, reduce processing costs, improve the heat deformation temperature and solvent resistance, improve the strength and rigidity, heat resistance alloy material. Rheology is introduced to accurately control the flow field of extrusion processing, and improve the product performance and batch stability. The traditional cooling water tank is improved to achieve uniform water intake and full heat exchange, and the final performance of the plastic particles is uniform and the performance is stable. In process control of extrusion process on the application of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of rheology rheological theory and mathematical model, by laser technology responsible for industrialization of R & D, and the ultimate success of the theory into practical application, and design different cylinder arrangement and screw combination according to the need of different products the perfect formula, the base material of formula design and process formulation design together, produce engineering plastics alloy products to international advanced, and the successful realization of the control of product performance and manufacturing process and product batch stability.

      This project is a revolutionary breakthrough for the global industrial bio plastics raw material industry. After a smooth production of the product, the product will be the first biodegradable plastic product in the world which is used for mass production in communication, automobile industry structure and functional parts. It is estimated that if 25% of the engineering plastics in the country are replaced by this project, it will save 780 million yuan of incineration facilities and 2 billion 680 million yuan annually. In July 2015, it was identified as the Shanghai high technology transformation project.

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